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Every trip/traveler has different needs and wants. Whether you are traveling alone, with your spouse, friends, family or any combination, you will need a rental motorhome that fits your trip. Looking online you will see that there is a massive selection of floorplans, sizes, options and more of motorhomes to rent. So how do you decide what is for you? Remember, the company renting to you can always help with explaining how these factors can affect a trip and help ensure you pick a unit that is best for you, don’t be afraid to share details of your trip with them. Let’s start with a few tips to help pick a unit.

First and foremost, know your trip. At the very least know how many people you need to fit. If you need to accommodate 6 people, you can eliminate every motorhome with less than 6 seatbelts or without sleeping space for 6. Next, knowing dates can certainly help with availability during busy season. For this article, let’s assume you have planned ahead and have your pick of the fleet.

Next you need to know where you are going and if the destination has any limitations on specific sizes of motorhomes. If you are parking at a friend’s driveway and the driveway is only 30 feet, you will not be looking to rent a 32 foot motorhome. Also important for your destination, how far away is it? This may affect your choice. You may want a bigger unit to be more comfortable on your long drive or perhaps go smaller to save on daily rate and gas.

As you progress through the important aspects of your trip you can get as in depth as you feel is necessary. Will you have power where you are camping? Will you be able to dump tanks there? Am I comfortable driving that size? And so on. Before reading on, take a moment to think about your trip. Once you have an idea of what your trip looks like, take a look at our 6 motorhome options, what they offer and see which works best for you and your trip. We have worked hard to create a fleet that has a fit for every motorhome rental.

What comes standard?

We offer 6 different options for rent, ranging from 21 -32 feet and spanning all 3 classes of motorhomes, A, B and C. There are options that we offer that run through our entire fleet, to avoid becoming repetitive in the rest of this article, here are the standard options for our fleet.

  1. Generator
  2. Air Conditioning
  3. Awning
  4. Furnace
  5. Refrigerator
  6. Microwave
  7. Oven
  8. Stove
  9. Kitchen Sink
  10. Bathroom including: Toilet, Sink & Shower
  11. TV & DVD Player
  12. Ceiling Fan with Vent Covers
  13. Water Heater
  14. Outside Shower
  15. Fresh water storage
  16. Cruise Control
  17. Pet Friendly
  18. Hitch for a Bike Rack (no towing allowed)
  19. Bed (At least one)
  20. Minimum 4 Seat Belts (more info below)

This list is important to understand when renting a motorhome. You should always know what to expect when renting; do not be afraid to ask each company what comes standard. One important thing to remember about our list, while every unit has the items above there may be variances in sizes or layouts. For example in our Venturer Van the oven is actually built into the microwave, each unit has a different total for seatbelts, kitchens and washrooms are laid out differently between models and other small variances, however every item can be expected with each unit. To get the best idea of how the unit will work for you, ask us, drop in to see the units or take a look at our photos online.

Now that you know what to expect in every one of our motorhomes, let’s jump into what makes each of our options special.

Venturer Van

Our Venturer Van rental is the smallest size we offer. It is a Class B style motorhome; put simply, a van style motorhome. It is designed for travel with two people but we do have an insert for the front two seats to add a small bed for a child. You can also utilize up to 4 seatbelts for traveling. The Venturer Van is perfect for renters looking to enjoy the great outdoors.

The small foot print of the Venturer Van allows you to take it virtually anywhere with ease and comfort. It is only 21 feet long, just over 9 feet tall and no wider than a standard van or truck. This unit offers all standard options of a larger coach in its smaller foot print. Its washroom is all in one, toilet sink and shower, often referred to as a wet bath. The kitchen houses a refrigerator, sink, stove top and convection microwave.

In the rear of the coach you will find the sitting and sleeping space. The bed is a drop down sofa… I know what you are thinking, ‘that can’t be comfortable.’ To date, no customers have complained about the comfort and most actually say it is great! The reason, the sofa and inserts are made with a generous amount of memory foam. Overall the bed takes up the entire rear portion of the coach and amounts to about the size of a king bed. You will also find the TV and DVD player in the rear along with loads of overhead storage.

The option that makes our Vans perfect for getting out and off the beaten path… solar panels! Each of our Venturer Vans is equipped with a solar panel, lithium ion batteries and an inverter. This means you can keep your rental charged without needing to stay at a park to plug in. If you are easy on your power consumption you can stay self-sufficient for extended periods of time. Of course, you will need to keep dumping sewer tanks in mind but we would be happy to help you understand the ins and outs of that system when you speak with us.

The Venturer Van is also a great option for long trips. With a 3.6L V6 Pentastar engine our Vans offer great fuel mileage. While we don’t test out unit’s mileage, our customers and others have given estimates of 20 miles per gallon or better! If you are looking for more information on our vans check out our “Photos” tab, give us a call or drop in!

Compact Camper

The Compact Camper is a 25 foot, Class C motorhome. If you are not familiar with the classes, they do not have anything to do with licence requirements, only the style of motorhome. Class C is a motorhome with the overhang on top of the truck cab. The Compact Camper is the smallest of 3 different Class C units we offer. The floorplan is the most common floorplan in its class, with good reason! These units are a great combination of simple design and space.

Moving up from the Venturer Van the Compact Camper offers a full size washroom with a separate shower space. The kitchen moves to a separate oven and microwave as well. Most importantly, this unit can sleep more people and contains 5 seatbelts. The rear of the coach houses the main bed, a size between a double and a queen. The other sleeping options are the over-hang bunk, the size of a double bed and the drop down dinette, measuring 42” X 68” when it is set up (best for a child or small adult).

This unit holds 40 gallons of fresh water making it great for a night or two away from a park if you wish. We will of course teach you tricks for keeping your batteries topped up if you plan to be off the grid at any time during your trip. Also, don’t be deceived by its size, the rear exterior storage compartment offers loads of storage!

For those new to the world of motorhomes, driving larger vehicles or simply who want a little more inside space than the Venturer Van, the Compact Camper is perfect. It is a great option to test the waters while allowing you to enjoy its space and take it almost anywhere with ease. With its slide-less design (also called tip outs) you can simply pull into your site, plug in and relax!

Extended Camper

Measuring in at 29 feet, the Extended Camper is a modest step up from the Compact Camper. While it also has not been built with slide outs, once inside you would never notice. We have tried to make our smaller units as simple as possible. Just as with the Compact Camper, you can pull into your spot, plug in and begin relaxing!

Most notably, the Extended Camper steps up from the Compact with a walk around bed and a couch rather than a chair. Other differences include 7 total seatbelts, more sleeping space, an even larger rear exterior storage and 4 more feet of space.

Sleeping arrangements include a queen bed in the rear, dinette, over hang bunk and jack knife sofa. This means you can sleep more guests and have extra space to move around the coach. The Extended Camper is a great family motorhome; a mix of added privacy comes from the extra length while also offering more comfort up front with the addition of more seating with the sofa. If you are looking for a comfortable and simple motorhome vacation, the Extended Camper is the one for you.

Deluxe Camper

The Deluxe Camper is the largest of our C class selection measuring in at 32 feet with 2 slide outs. With loads of space you can bring the whole family and then some! With 9 seatbelts in select Deluxe Campers and sleeping space to match, it is the perfect unit for a large family, family traveling with friends or a group of friends. The coach offers a queen size bed, a pair of bunk beds, large jack-knife sofa, dinette bed and an overhang bunk. Depending on sleeping arrangements you can realistically sleep up to 9 people! Remember, you must have anyone traveling with you in a seat belt while moving!

The slide outs on this coach make it very spacious once you get where you are going and set up. The front contains one slide, moving out the driver side with the couch and part of the kitchen. The second slide contains the bedroom storage and bunk beds. Despite housing bunk beds, this unit is not only for large groups. The bunk beds can be used as storage or left alone, they are simply extra space for our renters. Any customer, who is looking for space and luxury without jumping all the way to the Class A motorhomes, should consider our Deluxe Camper.

Supreme Camper (Bunk Model & Luxury Model)

The Supreme Camper category are our Class A motorhome options. Class A motorhomes are more of a bus style and as with the rest of our fleet only require a G licence. We have two styles, the Bunk Model and the Luxury Model. Each model measures in at 32 feet long and just over 12 feet tall. One big difference with the Class A units is the driving set up. You sit higher and have a large comfortable chair. You also have a great panoramic view for your driving! These two features make these units great for a long road trip. You will enjoy less driving fatigue due to the comfortable chairs and also be able to enjoy the views better while you drive. These comfortable chairs also spin to add to the comfort of the living space.

The Bunk Model is much like our Deluxe Camper option, with the addition of the Class A storage, comfortable driving set up and a full wall slide rather than 2 separate slide outs. This option however houses 6 seat belts unlike the other sizes on our fleet. This unit has a queen bed, a pair of bunks, dinette, jack-knife sofa and a drop down bunk with a capacity of 250 pounds. Again this unit is great for a family or groups of friends. A fresh water tank of 50 gallons offers water for a group, but always remember to be conservative.

If you are looking to take the family or friends for a big trip in style and comfort, the Supreme Camper Bunk Model is an excellent choice. The Luxury Model offers a slightly different experience for its travellers.

supreme luxury motorhome floorplan

In the Luxury Model you gain one more seatbelt, totalling 7. The floorplan for the luxury allows it to work for a large variety of travellers. With two slide outs, both in the living room, you will have tons of space for everyone to relax and socialize in the living space. Meanwhile the rear bed is always accessible with the ability to walk around. This is perfect if you plan to pull over and sleep without having to open up a slide. Over all, the sleeping arrangements are the queen bed, a large fold out sofa bed, dinette bed and a drop down bunk with a 500 pound capacity.

The Luxury also offers the most storage of any motorhome on our fleet. The rear exterior compartment is very spacious, while other exterior storage and loads if interior storage only adds to the space! The Luxury Model is also our only 50 amp motorhome. This means it has the option to plug into a 50 amp campsite, while the rest of our fleet is 30 amp. What does this mean for you? A second A/C unit on the coach. While plugged into 50 amps you can run all of your appliances and both A/C units. You will still have to option to plug into 30 amps on a camp site and we can explain the differences when you rent.

We also recommend, when renting the Luxury Model, that your trip includes powered camp sites. These units, when being used to their fullest can use a lot of power. To avoid needing to charge batteries and inverters regularly, plugging into a powered site can make using this option much more relaxing and allow you to use all of the unit’s options to their fullest!

There is a lot to know about Motorhomes! It is our job to help you make the right choice for your vacation. Never hesitate to explain your trip to us. We have experience and an understanding of our fleet such that we can be a valuable resource in your research. We are also always happy to take time to take you through the units you are interested in. If this article hasn’t fully helped you to make your decision, drop us a line or drop by, we look forward to planning a great vacation with you!

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