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Renter Testimonials

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We could not be more pleased with our experience renting a motor home from Motorhome Escapes Canada. While the initial thought was daunting (looking at pricing and differing vehicles), the staff (Christine and Tyson) made the experience simple, easy, and more affordable than we initially thought. We ended up renting a 32′ motor home for our family of 5 to take on a 15 day road trip out east to PEI and back through the States. We were glad we opted for the larger model – lots of room for everyone to spread out when needed, but be together at the same time. This was our first time renting a motor home, but not our last – and we confidently would recommend Motorhome Escapes Canada to friends.

One of the unexpected things we loved about this type of vacation included the fact that there was no ‘packing up’ each day – no suitcases or work each morning. When you want to go you simply unplug, press two buttons and the slides come in, hop in the drivers seat and away you go. No stress, and no time wasted. There is plenty of room to pack all the clothes, toys, chairs, outdoor gear, bikes, sports equipment, electronics, food and dishes that you could possibly need. We saved time and money by eating most breakfasts and lunches ‘on the road’ with no need to stop for anything but occasionally gas and the all the locations we wanted to see. Travelling with three kids would normally involve so many food and bio breaks that it can really slow you down – and those stops inevitably turn into 30 minute breaks. The motor home really allows you to focus on being together as a family and only stopping at destinations you want to see. In the motor home your bathroom and kitchen are right there. We barely even needed to use the generator, but it was handy to have for those days when brewing extra coffee was a must!

We never had a single issue with the vehicle but we did like the peace of mind knowing that if anything happened at all, Tyson and Christine were a call away and it would not ruin our vacation – they would get us the assistance we needed, even if that meant another motor home. I had not driven a motor home before, but after the first hour on the road you realize that it is super simple to drive and handles easily, even reversing into tight spots! It basically drives like a pick-up truck and has cameras for reversing. It is comfortable and has the ‘media’ inputs you would expect. I plugged in my iPhone and had all the music/maps up on the screen. We never had an issue with not being able to go somewhere due to the size of the motor home. We went on lots of smaller out of the way roads and large highways as well – all with no issues. You learn to park at the more empty areas in parking lots, but it is easy to navigate through any country roads, small towns or parking lots.

Prior to leaving the staff walked us through all the features of the motor home and how to use them. It was far easier (and cleaner) than I thought to manage the septic/water/electricity. The unit was impeccably clean and felt new and not at all like a ‘rental’ unit. I immediately felt like a pro when it came to setting up and down each night or morning. It literally is a 60 second job. So much faster and easier than the chore of setting up/down the tent trailer we normally would camp in.

The vacation turned out to be amazing – the motor home is truly a wonderful way to spend a family vacation. The cool thing about it is the memories you make inside the motor home and not just at the destinations. That was probably our favourite learning about this type of vacation. It was more affordable than we initially thought when pricing online. You save on hotels and food and we actually spent less than we budgeted for gas.

Motorhome Escapes was great to deal with – the staff are very friendly and quick to respond to questions/emails. We dream of doing a trip out west next!

James Nightingale

Twice we rented a Pleasureway Lexor camper van from Motor Escapes Canada, both times for a 3 month period. Overall, our experience with the staff was fantastic, both before we rented and while were on the road and needed advice (we were new RV’ers). Tyson in particular was always available to help out when needed. We were also very impressed with the Pleasureway, it was perfect for 2 people, very comfortable and fun and always reliable. Overall, we would rent from them again and we highly recommend them to others!

Jacques Hooker

We have rented the Pleasureway Camper Van for 4 years for trips varying from 1 week to 8 weeks. The vans are modern, clean & everything has always been in good working order. All staff members are knowledgeable, friendly & very helpful. We’ve enjoyed dealing with them & will absolutely continue to rent from them.
John Blaubergs

Our Motorhome Escapes experience was flawless! Their Customer service as well as the quality of their RV was amazing. I would recommend renting a RV from them any day.
Scott Thomson

We rented the small 21 foot motor-home made by Pleasure-way (Lexor model with Pent-star engine). We found the quality of the Pleasure-way to be very good. This was a test drive as we were in the market for a small motor-home to do some travelling. As it turned out the experience widened our likes and dislikes of this size of van. We are now searching for a B+ or a small C . With just 2 of us and a small dog we found the lack of storage space and inside hallway configuration to be insufficient. The wet style of shower was also a drawback, as we used the facilities at the campgrounds primarily. This size of vehicle would be great for weekends and short road trips but we were looking for something we could road trip longer (eg up to a month or 2).
The folks at Motorhome Escapes were great, giving us a walk through prior to taking off, and supplying the equipment you need to get water, electric power, etc and a full tank of propane at no charge. You need to bring all your inside stuff like toasters, coffee pots, plates etc or you can rent this stuff from them. Very accommodating and recommend them. We left the site for only a short week and traveled north to tour the fall colors. The van handled well, and we ran into no obstacles or issues that we couldn’t handle. Recommend trying this style of life before purchasing a rig as it will point out the layout that may suit you before making the bigger investment.
Rick & Penny Dummitt

Great people to deal with, have been renting twice a year for several years and never has the service,and reliably and cleanliness of the motor homes been better, highly recommend renting from Motorhome Escapes Canada as I have been treated very well
Look forward to our next rental.
James Cook

Great place to rent an RV from..they take care of you in every manner..from the sec you walk in to the second to drop off the keys..the staff (christine) is super helpful..great experience and will definitely rent another RV from here again…and will definitely recommend this company to anybody looking to rent.
Joe Bailey

I recently rented a 21′ PleasureWay van from Motorhome escapes for a 4 week drive to Vancouver Island (from Ontario) and had a wonderful experience. Loved the van. It was very comfortable for sleeping and easy to drive which was a real plus for a first time rv user. Had only one small problem with the hot water due to my inadvertently turning the dial to “clean”. Tyler was very helpful and patient with me and he walked me through the fix. Otherwise no problems. My elderly mother also found it very comfortable. The visibibility out of the front was very good. Great for sight-seeing. We also liked the large fridge which gave us ample room for all our food. I appreciated the fact that it was a new unit so everything was in tip-top shape and gave me confidence in its reliability. Would love to rent a similar model again to go to the east coast. Christine was very helpful and answered all my questions throughout the process. There were no surprises. Everything was just as she explained. Thanks Christine and Tyler. See you again next year.
Rita Bain