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Our Story

The story of Motorhome Escapes begins many years before its founding. The Hitch House has had a rental company in its facility for as long as we can remember. Motorhome Escapes was created in 2015 by Tyson Alexander and The Hitch House.

While in high school, Tyson began working at the McDonalds located next to The Hitch House. After his first year at McMaster University, Tyson was helping at a hockey camp and coached the son of Tom & Hiedi Stoate, owners in The Hitch House. From there a relationship was formed. Tom would visit McDonalds on coffee runs and by a stroke of luck was paired with Tyson on McHappy Day while volunteering his time.

The next summer a position opened up at The Hitch House for a summer student, cleaning motorhomes, cutting lawns and property maintenance. While walking in for his shift Tom and Dave from The Hitch House asked if Tyson would be interested in a position, to which he responded “Yes!” This is where Tyson’s experience with motorhomes began.

Tyson went on to work in this position for 4 summers. Upon graduating Tyson took a position for sales, lasting a whopping one month period. When a social media and online relations position opened up Tyson jumped on the opportunity. About a year later the previous rental company closed its doors and Tyson put together a comprehensive business plan, expressing his interest in filling that space.

In the months before setting up Motorhome Escapes, The Hitch House hired a new part time receptionist, Christine. Her rapport with customers, positive attitude and the high level of care she put in her job showed everyone that she would be a perfect fit to help him get Motorhome Escapes off the ground. Since then, Christine has received rave reviews from our customers, over and over! She has excelled as Motorhome Escapes’ Rental Co-Ordinator. Learn more about Christine by visiting her profile on the Staff Bios page.

Since then we have also added John to our team. John is entering his second season with Motorhome Escapes. His work spoke for itself while working for The Hitch House. You can also read more about John by visiting his profile on the Staff Bios page.

Our first rental season was the summer of 2016 and since then we have grown and learned how to best accommodate our customers rental needs. We now have over 1 Million Kilometres under our belt and hundreds of customers served. We are proud of what we have done and excited about improving the experience for our repeat and future customers.