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When it comes to motorhome rentals in Ontario vs purchasing an RV – it can be an overwhelming experience. There are lots of options, price points and things to do before making the final call.

Know what factors to look at when making the choice between motorhome rentals in Ontario vs buying. Once informed, you will be able to pick a route that’s best for you.

How Large of a Motorhome Do You Need?

rental motorhomes and rvs in barrie ontario
The first thing to consider is the size of your motorhome.

So, great! You know you want to investigate motorhomes… Now what? There are a few important things to ask yourself before starting.

What size of motorhome to I want to rent/buy?

This question is complex but try not to overthink it. Regardless of whether you’re looking at motorhome rentals in Ontario or to buy – size should be your first consideration.

Universally, there are 3 classes of Motorhomes in Ontario: A, B and C. You and your partner will have a size that best suits your needs. Do not be afraid to ask your sales representative or your local rental expert to help with this process.

If you talk to a company specializing in motorhome rentals in Ontario, be ready to answer these common questions:

  1. How many people do you anticipate will be travelling in the RV?
  2. Similarly, how many beds would be ideal?
  3. How much space does my family need so as not to feel crowded?
  4. Where am I planning to travel and what are the local restrictions (consider a national park vs. your driveway)?
  5. What is my budget? Even having an approximate idea of budget will expedite the dealer/renter’s ability to find you a great fit.
  6. For renters, what will my trip look like? Come prepared with your travel dates and destinations. This will make for a smooth motorhome rental experience – and help ensure the motorhome you want to rent is available.

Try Before You Buy a Motorhome

Renting a motorhome first is a time-tested way to make a confident purchase later on.

Looking to buy a motorhome but aren’t sure what you are looking for and what will best suit your needs? Why not rent first? At Motorhome Escapes, we offer discounted purchase rates on motorhomes rented prior to purchase.

Our partnership with The Hitch House has afforded our customers the advantage of a Rent and Buy program.

How it works with us is as follows:

Rent a motorhome from Motorhome Escapes and you will receive up to $1,500 or 1 week off your Ontario motorhome rental, whichever is less, toward a motorhome purchase (some conditions apply).

With our experience it comes down to one main thing, using the motorhome. While everyone is different the most common suggestion is that if you will use it, buy it! Motorhomes are an investment in family, fun and memories but money is inevitably an important factor. If you have time for one trip, perhaps a rental is in store.

Why Motorhome Rentals in Ontario Make Sense

In Ontario especially, renting a motorhome can make a lot of sense.

Let’s face it – Ontario is a brutal province in which to own a vehicle. Our insurance rates are high, and our winters are hard on our vehicles.

The same is true, and perhaps more true when it comes to owning a motorhome or camper van in Ontario. It is hard to find a spot to park your motorhome for the long term if you decide to buy. This is where renting a motorhome in Ontario has a bit of an edge over buying.

When you rent a motorhome in Ontario, you get the advantage of avoiding the expense and hassle of ownership. Insurance, maintenance, and storage are important factors to consider in motorhome ownership (especially in this province).

When you rent a motorhome in Ontario, you don’t have to bother with most of the costs incurred when buying. However, this logic flips once you begin to travel a lot. That’s when it is more cost-effective to buy instead of looking at additional motorhome rentals in Ontario.

Look for the Perfect Motorhome for You, and Don’t Compromise!

Don’t forget, this is about you. Don’t compromise on finding the perfect match!

Be sure that your dealer is able to provide you with exactly what you want in your motorhome. This is true for both motorhome rentals and purchases. You don’t want to be compromising when it comes to your motorhome… it’s a big investment!

You want to be excited by both the vehicle and the price you paid to rent or buy it. If you’re not absolutely thrilled by your options, keep looking.

To illustrate this with our inventory, our rental motorhomes are designed for Ontario and beyond. Our RVs range in size from compact camper vans to supreme luxury motorhomes! We have 6 floor plan options that cover virtually every rental need. We offer custom kits for your convenience. As an additional service, Coach-Net has you covered with 24 hour toll-free emergency assistance and complete peace of mind for your trip.

We pride ourselves on keeping things simple for your rental. Most importantly, we do not skimp on your experience. Your motorhome comes equipped with all the options of a sale RV. Each option includes an awning, generator, A/C, heating, stove top, ceiling fans, full washrooms and more!

Still Not Sure? It’s Free to Ask

The most important thing to keep in mind is that motorhome rental companies need to keep clients happy. There needs to be a high standard of customer satisfaction. Otherwise, it’s easy for a motorhome rental company in Ontario to lose business to competing outfits.

Our companies have over 50 years of combined experience in the motorhome industry. The Hitch House (sales, service, parts) and Motorhome Escapes (rentals) have your needs covered in a big way. We love answering questions and helping to make sure your experience is smooth and enjoyable. Got dogs? Bring em! We’re pet friendly!

In order to ensure your trip is as enjoyable as possible don’t forget:

  • Our motorhomes are never more than 3 years old
  • Insurance coverage comes standard
  • We offer 24 hour roadside assistance
  • Onsite parking during your trip is free
  • Our rental fleet does not require a special license
  • There are generators on all of our motorhomes and camper vans

Where to Rent a Motorhome in Ontario

If you’re interested in discussing options for motorhome rentals in Ontario, we’d love to help! Our clients are often surprised to discover just how doable a motorhome vacation becomes after chatting with us.

Give us a call today at (705) 722-0008 or reach us by email at info@rentmec.com.

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